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  • Direct hydraulic clamping injection molding machine


    Direct hydraulic clamping injection molding machine

    Rigid clamping structure and centralized clamping cylinder for extremely low deformation on platen and mold, it significantly increases the durability. Complete injection compression for high precision, high efficiency, and more stable production.
  • Vertical injection molding machine


    Vertical injection molding machine

    Vertical injection molding machine provides metal insert molding. The height of bottom platen is fixed, and vertical clamping is easy for the insert to be placed.
  • Energy-Saving System

    Energy-Saving series

    Energy-Saving System

    The energy-saving model is a trend in the plastic industry. This design can accomplish energy-saving, high efficiency, high stable operation and quiet working environment. We stay ahead of this field by anticipating market trends and making innovative breakthroughs to give our customers better tools. We, Year-Chance, own the best quality and the most competitive prices. Designers at Year-Chance machinery bare only one thing in mind as we do what we do: empowering customers. 
  • Injection molding machine


    Injection molding machine

    C-series is designed with 5-point linkage outward toggle clamping mechanism, and linked with moveable platen at the central area to minimize its deformation while molding. Compared to traditional toggle mechanism, C-series has much longer opening stroke, it is more flexible to satisfy customers’ various requests.
  • Injection molding machine


    Injection molding machine

    Rotated plate is a standard accessary for R-series two color model. Heat transfer oil, chilling water, hydraulic oil, and control circuit are all available for mold utility based on special design of rotated plate.


We have ISO9001, CE certification and as well as a number of patents. Among high-pressure, high-speed machines has won widespread approval in the 3C industry. And we invest modern 6000 s.q.m. production facility, CNC machining and finishing center reflect these higher standards in R&D for development, research and quantity of output.


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